Scientific instrumentation packaging and shipping

Scientific instrumentation packaging and shipping

Technical professionals depend on instruments to perform their work and to verify quality and safety in the field. These instruments could be mechanical, optical, or electronic devices to determine range, alignment, detect leaks, or to measure pressure and stress.

Production managers depend on sensors, gauges, valves, and controls in discrete and process manufacturing plants. Instruments count cycles and report conveyor rates on the factory floor, monitor mixtures and temperature in vessels, and measure pressure and flow rates in pipelines. In automated facilities controls keep things running within safety parameters and notify operators of exception conditions. Downtime is costly.

What good is it if the critical component or replacement part went bad on the shelf, or it arrives on time but was damaged or whacked out of calibration on the way? There is a good chance work comes to a halt or that safety is not optimal.

There are no guarantees that individuals entrusted with your product in the chain of custody during transit know or truly care whether your product is adequately packaged. Who suffers when the shipment arrives inoperable even if it is fully insured? The loss to you and your customer may be greater than the cost of an assembly.

There are consistent themes in everything MAC Packaging Company does. That is why we are so highly regarded among government inspectors in our Mil-Spec work. The themes are knowledge, attention to detail and exacting standards for quality, precision, performance, and dependability.

MAC Packaging designs custom packaging, containers, and cushioning using the latest hybrid materials to preserve and protect you products from your factory floor to the point of application.

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Our specialties are government and Military Specification Packaging, also known as MIL-SPEC . Our enviable industry reputation with military specification packaging was earned by our meticulous attention to detail. We know the U.S. Department of Defense detailed military packaging specifications and regulations from the inside out; our knowledge and relationships help our customers save considerable time, money and expense.

For our MIL-SPEC clients we can print and affix proper MSLs (Military Shipping Labels), bar code labels, stencils, and RFID tags. We often assist MIL-SPEC clients with administrative requirements including communicating when needed with contract officers, facilitating inspections, and maintaining accurate data in the government’s Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) and Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) electronic systems. This support helps assure delivery acceptance and timely payment of your invoices.