Commercial Packaging Services

Commercial packaging services

Do you have products that don’t fit neatly into standard sized boxes or crates? Are your products fragile? Subject to damage or loss from humidity or static electricity? Are they made of exotic materials, expensive alloys? Are they manufactured to tolerances where even slight damage requires rework or scrapping entirely?

Our experience handling the tough challenges of defense-related Mil-Spec packaging and shipments gives us a great advantage when it comes to solving issues for commercial shipments. We provide the same attention to detail and quality service to commercial and industrial customers.

Our legacy in Mil-Spec packaging is built on protecting and preserving items for shipment and receipt all over the world; from the very small, to the very large, to the very expensive. We are used to working with one of the most demanding customers of all–The U.S. Department of Defense–where there is little margin for error. Things have to show up intact, properly labeled, and ready to use. Lives depend on it!

We’ve packaged items for transport through all types of climates and by any and all transportation modes imaginable including truck, ship, airline, air drop, jeep, and backpack.

Our experts can work with you on any basis you require. We can design packaging to protect your product, supply all the materials, and perform the packaging and shipment for you as a trusted outsource provider on your site or ours. Your customers’ production schedules just might depend on it!

Partner with MAC for your commercial packaging and shipping needs

Our goal is to develop synergies and a working partnership with clients for their commercial packaging and Supply Chain requirements. From supplying materials, managing inventories through Kanban practices, design consulting, full-service custom packaging, and expedited shipping we pride ourselves on being a complete solutions provider that you can afford to count on.