Avoid big mistakes in packaging and shipping

Avoid packaging & shipping mistakes

MAC Packaging Company, Inc. provides a complimentary white paper aimed at helping your business avoid costly mistakes or errors when shipping your MIL-SPEC or commercial packages. Please complete this short form and download valuable info on how to protect shipped goods today! We can help ensure your businesses has a better understanding of the common pitfalls we see when reviewing commercial or MIL-SPEC packaging requirements. These include the types of products to use per specific regulations or requirements, they way the shipment is stored, and delivered. Everything from the containers, to the inside barriers and packaging. Every detail in the process is important and MAC Packaging has over forty years experience working with government contracts to ensure all the needs are met. Whenever you have MIL-SPEC or commercial packaging needs, contact one of our packaging product and service consultants. Request a free white paper, we’ll e-mail it to you automatically and free of charge.

You can reach our packaging product and service department at 480.820.0017 Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm.


Military Specification

government contracts

Our specialties are government and Military Specification Packaging, also known as MIL-SPEC . Our enviable industry reputation with military specification packaging was earned by our meticulous attention to detail. We know the U.S. Department of Defense detailed military packaging specifications and regulations from the inside out; our knowledge and relationships help our customers save considerable time, money and expense.

For our MIL-SPEC clients we can print and affix proper MSLs (Military Shipping Labels), bar code labels, stencils, and RFID tags. We often assist MIL-SPEC clients with administrative requirements including communicating when needed with contract officers, facilitating inspections, and maintaining accurate data in the government’s Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) and Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) electronic systems. This support helps assure delivery acceptance and timely payment of your invoices.

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Commercial packaging

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We’re here to help your business negotiate the waters of commercial packaging services, logstics, warehousing, and various freight or shipment needs.

You can count on our highly trained team of experts to assist your company virtually every step of the way, ensuring that your commercial packaging needs are met!

Whenever you have commercial packaging or freight needs, contact MAC Packaging.