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For almost 40 years our Phoenix area based packaging service has been a leader in government and military packaging, as well as custom commercial packaging. Our more than 250 clients throughout North America can vouch for the added value we bring, and with MAC it is always done right the first time.


We work closely with clients to provide solutions that are creative and smart; not only to make sure product is protected and arrives as intended and on time, but to also save money and increase client profits. We apply our knowledge and experience to help you avoid pitfalls and unnecessary expense.


But don’t take our word for it; if you supply the government just ask your local DCMA representative about our impeccable record of service.


The Mil-Spec packaging leader


Founder Andy Munter actually began his career in Mil-Spec packaging while still in high school near Philadelphia, working for a company packaging products and preparing Mil-Spec shipments to bases and distribution centers around the world. Andy started MAC Packaging Company, Inc. in 1976 while a student at ASU and has been operating from Tempe, AZ ever since. Andy has become a nationally recognized authority on Mil-Spec regulations, packaging design, preservation techniques, and shipping.


Why Use MAC as a packaging service or outsource provider?


Put our experience of packaging and shipping hundreds of thousands of packages to work for you! Over our 38 years we’ve packaged just about everything imaginable; from computer chips, circuit boards, electronic systems and scientific instruments; to airplane seats & cockpits; to machined housings, bearings, nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, industrial tools, and housings; to hoses, valves, and assemblies; to machinery parts and entire machines; from lighting to fine china … we’ve packaged just about everything.


Partnering with MAC


Our objective is to lower clients’ costs overall in the supply chain at little to no additional cost than what they may already be spending. If at all possible we will save you money. Savings may come from reduced packaging expense, lower costs leveraging our long-standing relationships with shippers, fewer insurance claims, and reduced on-site warehousing requirements through materials management and Kanban. Let’s talk and explore ideas to see where and how we can help.



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